twin trees by m1thr0s


The Sephiroth, or Tree of Life with all of the Hexagrams arranged in rational order according to the Proximity Principle on it. This is an alchemical master formula under the heading of Mutational Alchemy, a term employed to identify a specific kind of so-called *spiritual alchemy* in which the laws of physics involved are exactly the same as they are in every other dimension of Mind and Matter. There are a few different arrangements depicting other cosmological conditions. the foremost describing perfection in The Body of Light is called The Primordials. It is not important that all of this be understood or believed per se…what is important is that it be seen at all. It is said that some glyphs have the power to spark profound enlightenment simply by being viewed. This is such a glyph.


The master formula of Mutational Alchemy, The Twin Trees Primordials (Imperial Edition) by m1thr0s

Print: $605 32.5″ x 32.5″

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